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 Heal Myanmar Project

Heal Myanmar project As an effort in sourcing funds for the needs of innocent children. Through events and our Heal Myanmar Project, we give away many benefits to the needy especially the flood victims. Our project keeps helping students, training under privileged staff and directing them towards personal development.  We have had some of our kind guests as well, contributing to this fund.

Quench your thirst at Botahtaung Pagoda

The yearly donation for the devotees during pilgrimage of the great sacred site of Botahtaung is a highlight of the hotel events. Here we donate more than 1000 juice cups to the devotees/pilgrims to quench their thirst. This takes place in the time thadingyut festivals also called as festival of lights


Swiss Contact

Swiss Contact

Hotel 63 has been a proud stakeholder hotel for ‘Swiss-contact’ in Myanmar, since 2016.  We have had over 25 persons involved at the beginning. At the end of year 2016 we expect to have more than 60 students trained for the industry.

Role of Swiss Contact

Swiss-contacts programme interventions encourage the development of functional market-based structures, creating suitable frameworks for sustainable and broad-based growth while improving the competitiveness of local businesses. It is only this way could disadvantaged populations be integrated productively into the economy.

 It is essential that positive change continues after Swiss-contact concludes a project. Thus, Swiss-contact does not see itself as an actual part of the system itself, but as an agent of change for a limited period of time that withdraws as soon as positive change have been implemented are sustainable. This requires having a firm footing in the local environment, a long-term perspective, and thorough understanding of the economic system.


Social Responsibility – Keeping Yangon Beautiful

Minor Projects such as cleaning the neighbourhood was also taken under Social responsibility theme. Departmental volunteers gather up on less-busy day to clean selected affected area in downtown.

Especially during the rainy season when drains get blocked and garbage disposal become issues, our hotel staff volunteer to help keep these specific public areas clean.

During  these events  the hotel provides refreshments, tools, implements and manpower and  motivate the public to join in.



social responsibility Hotel 63











With the rapid change of the socio-economic environment brought about by political changes and the opening up of the country to the world, there have been an adverse increase in the use of narcotics around the country. In this particular project our staff and colleagues were made aware of the dangers of using narcotics and how to identify users. This was a successful event with the assistance of Botahtaung Police Chiefs. The project event was held at Retro Bar premises.

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