Hotel 63



Charles Plate 18000ks(Chicken/Seafood/Beef/Pork)
Cheese & Chicken Roll 5000ks
Cheese Toast 3000ks
Steamed whole Fish 8000ks
3 Deep-fried Garlic Sri Lankan Style 2500ks
Beef/Chicken Burger 6000ks
David’s Apple 2500ks

1. Fried Cashew Nuts 3500 
2. Deep fried Chicken pieces 4500
3. Fried Fish Crackers 2500
4. Fried Watercress with Mushroom 3000
5. Fish Fingers 4000
6. Hot butter fried (Cuttle Fish /chicken) 4500
7. Pan fried Chicken/Fish/pork with pepper & Onion 4500
8. Fried Chicken wings 3000
9. Deep fried Small Fish (3 fish) 3000
10. Omelette 3000
11. Omelette with Chicken Sausage 3200
12. Pan-fried Sausages (4 pcs) 3500
13. Potato Kieves (7pcs) 3800
14. Crumbed fried Meat (Chicken/Pork) 4800
15. French Fries 2500
16. Fried Onion Ring 2000
17. Prawn Tempura 6000
18. Hot & Spicy Chicken 4000
19. Prawn Special 4500
20. Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts 4500
21. Hot & Spicy Eel 4000
22. Fried Calamari Rings 4000
23. Fish & Chips 4000
24. Boiled Vegetables 3000
25. Fish Cutlets (5pcs) 3500
26. Tofu Casserole 3500
27. Thai Mustard Leaf with Oyster Sauce 3000
28. Fried Beef with Watercress 3000
29. Pepper Prawns 4500
30. Kung Pao(Chicken/Pork/Seafood) 4500
31. Chopsuey Vegetables 2800
32. Fried Kailan with Oyster Sauce 2500
33. Chicken Casserole 4000

Marinated Prawn Salad 5000
Chicken Salad 4000
Squid Salad 4000
Tea leaves Salad 2500
Seaweed Salad 3000
Grilled Beef Salad 4000
Fried Asparagus 3500
Vegetable Salad 3000
Tom Yum Soup (Chicken/Pork/Seafood) 4500
Farmers Soup (Chicken/Pork/Seafood) 3000
Creamy Mushroom Soup (Small) 2000
(Large) 4000

Fried Vermicelli Noodle(Chicken/Pork/Seafood) 3500
Add fried egg 500
Fried Noodles (Chicken/Pork/Seafood) 3500
Ee-Fu Noodles (Chicken/Pork/Seafood) 3800
Fried Rice (Chicken /Pork/ Seafood) 3800
Add fried egg 500
Sausage Fried Rice (Chicken /Pork/ Seafood) 4000
Spicy Fried Rice (Chicken /Pork/ Seafood) 3800
Malaysian Fried Rice (Chicken/Pork/Seafood) 3800
Plain Rice with Chopsuey(Chicken/Pork/Seafood) 3800
Chopsuey Vegetables (Chicken/Pork/Seafood) 3500

Rice and Curry Chicken 4200
Plain Rice 1000
Fruit Platter 3500
Fried Banana with Treacle 2000
Chocolate Spring Roll 4000
Watalappan 3500


Plain Rice (small grain) 1000ks – බත්
Pittu – 2500ks – පිට්ටු
Egg Hoppers – 1000ks – බිත්තර ආප්ප
Plain Hopper – 700ks – ආප්ප
Sri Lankan Polos Pizza – 7500ks පොලොස් පීට්සා
Sri Lankan Meat Curry Pizza – 7500ks මස් කරි පීට්සා
Egg Roti (3pcs) – 4500ks බිත්තර රොටි
Sri Lankan Kottu – 4500ks කොත්තු
Godamba Roti – 1000ks ගෝදම්බ රොටී
String Hoppers – 2000ks ඉදී ආප්ප
Pork Sansadaya (black pork/sambol/Roti) – 6000ks ඌරු මස් සංසදය
Set Menu (Rice/Sambol/Cutlet/Fish Curry/Egg/Lentil Curry/Papadam/Watalappan) – 6000ks
Pol Roti and Sambol – 3000ks – පොල් රොටි සහ සම්බෝල
Polos Curry Sri Lankan (baby jack curry) – 3000ks – පොලොස්
Egg and Cheese Roti 1pcs – 1500ks – බිත්තර චීස් රොටී
Kola Kenda – Herbal Porridge – 2500ks – කොළ කැද
Pol Sambol -2500ks / Fried Koonisso Sambol 3000ks
පොල් සම්බෝල
Dhal Curry – 3000ks පරිප්පු
wumbatu Moju -3500ks වම් බටු මෝජු
Tempered Potatoes – 3500ks / Potato Curry – 3500ks අල තෙම්පරාදු
Devilled Meat Dish (chicken/pork/fish) –4000ks – (add 500ks for prawns, cuttlefish and beef) – ඩෙවල්
Carrot Curry / Pumpkin Curry / French beans curry -3000ks කැරට් කරි/ වට්ටක්කා කරි / බෝංචි කරි
Gotukola Sambol – 2000ks ගොටුකොල සම්බෝල
Sri Lankan Style Meat Curry – 4000ks – (add 500ks for prawns, cuttlefish and beef) මස් කරි ජාති
Dry Fish Tempered – 4 000ks කරවල තෙල් දාලා
Hal Masso thel dala – 3000ks හාල්මැස්සො තෙල් දාලා
Papadum – 2000ks පපඩම්
Fish Cutlets 5pcs – 3500ks මාළු කට්ලට්
Watalappan – 3500ks වටලප්පන්
Yoghurt with Treacle – 3500ks කිරි පැණි


 Few bottles to sail with…

50ml (2pk)750ml1litre
Brandy – St.Remy XO50007700085000
Brandy – Hennessy50007900088000
Gin – Beefeater40002700035000
Gin – Gordons40001900027000
Gin – Bombay Sapphire40003300040000
Local Herb Infusion GIN200010000no sell
Liqueure – Amaretto4000no sellno sell
Liqueure – Baileys4000no sellno sell
Liqueure – Campari4000no sellno sell
Liqueure – Kahlua4000no sellno sell
Liqueure – Malibu40002800038000
Liqueure – Pimms no. 0140003200038000
Liqueure – Triple Sec400023000no sell
Liqueure-Grand Marniere5000no sellno sell
Old Arrack400027000no sell
Rum – Bacardi White40002700032000
Rum – Bacardi White/ Gold40002700032000
Rum – Captain Morgan40002700034000
Local Herb Infusion Rum200010000no sell
Tequilla Camino40002700032000
Tequilla jose curvo40003100037000
Vodka -Smirnoff Blue40002300027000
Vodka -Smirnoff Red40002300027000
Vodka Absolute40002800033000
Vodka Skyy400033000 
Whiskey – Ballantine’s400031000`39000
Whiskey – Ballantine’s 12yrs45004900056000
50ml (2pk)glass 150ml750ml1litre
Whiskey – J & B Rare40003000036000
Whiskey – Gold Label5800 7900085000
Whiskey – Black Label50005500060000
Whiskey – GlenFiddich58007300078000
Whiskey – GlenLivet 12 yearsno sell 8300088000
Whiskey – Jack Daniels40004300047000
Whiskey – Monkey Shoulderno sell 6200068000
Whiskey – Chivas4500 4000053000
Whiskey – Jameson40003500043000
Whiskey – JW double black5300no sell70000
Whiskey – JW swing53006000065000
Whiskey -High commissioner20001700023000
Whiskey -Red Label40003400038000
Whiskey –LOCAL Infusion200012000no sell
Wine – Red mountain (white/Red/Rose)500025000no sell
Mac Arthur300015000no sell
Martini Bianco/Rosso/Dry50001800021000
Chenin Blanc- white  (Drostdy Hof) 500020000 
Sauvignon Blanc (Sendero) 500020000 
Duroi (Bordeaux) 2016 RED 500025000 
Wine Aythaya (RED/WINE/ROSE)500025000no sell
Wine Sauvignon blanc /Cabernet Sauvignon (RED/White)500018000no sell
Sparkling Wine SOL Spumanteno sell60000no sell

“If you don’t drink, how will your friends know that you love them at 2 a.m”  _Retro Bar_

Long Island Iced Tea 4500ks
Margarita 4500ks
Blue Lagoon 4500ks
Tequila Sunrise 4500ks
Gimlet 3500ks With Local spirits 1500ks
Cuba Libre 3500ks With Local spirits 1500ks
Screw Driver 4000ks
Mai Tai 4000ks
Pimm’s Cup 3500ks
Daiquiri 3500ks With Local spirits 1500ks
Blue Berry Daiquiri 3500ks
With Local spirits 1500ks
Mojito 3500ks
With Local spirits 1500ks
Gin Tonic 3500ks With Local spirits 1500ks
Whiskey Sour 3500ks With Local spirits 1500ks
Black Russian 4500ks
63 Special 3000ks with Local spirits 1500ks
Rangoon 3500ks With Local spirits 1500ks
B -52 4500ks
Jager Bomb 3500ks
Tequila 3000ks

LIME 2500ks
PAPAYA 3000ks
ORANGE 3500ks
Blueberry Soda 2500ks
Kiwi Soda 2500ks
Blue Orange Soda 2500ks
Lime Soda 3000ks

Iced Tea 2500ks
Ginger Tea 800ks
Espresso 1500ks
Double Espresso 2000ks
Americano 2000ks
Cappuccino 3000ks
Iced Coffee 3000ks
Café Latte 3000ks
Café Mocha 3000ks
Super coffee Local 800ks
Black Coffee 800ks

Water 1 Litre 1000ks
Iced Coffee (swis café ) 1000ks
Coca Cola 1500ks
Soda 1000ks
Tonic 1000ks
Red Bull/Shark 1500ks
Pokka Orange/Lychee 1000ks
Perrier Water 3000ks
Spy Red (bubbly wine) 2000ks
Spy Black (bubbly wine) 2000ks
Heineken can 2500ks
Dagon draught Beer 1800ks
Dagon extra strong 3000ks
Dagon Premium 1800ks
Tuborg Beer 3000ks
Myanmar Beer 3000ks

Shisha/ Hookah 1hr (no room service) 15000ks


The Retro Bar :

The Retro bar is a charismatic in-house bar, catering to a mixed clientele. It is not a loud space, but always supports the good times to continue. As such it is a vibrant space to enjoy local Burmese brews as well as international standards for liquor and cocktails. The bar is open 24/7 and is a space for many wonderful surprises that every bar wishes for, but can rarely deliver on.

The Sri Lankan menu of Hotel 63/Retro Bar comprises of the most celebrated dishes in Sri Lanka, we have been serving Ceylonese cuisine for over four years at Retro Bar, and has been featured as the best and pioneers of Sri lankan food. The food varies from different authentic sri lankan flavors, some powders, and condiments are brought from Sri Lanka to match the authentic taste.

Food @ 63 :

Food at 63 is a fusion menu that complements your satiation for nibbles or a unique hands-on-meal.

⁃ All short meal nibbles are made fresh fresh and are an assortment of regional specialties.
⁃ Freshly squeezed juices are served without sugar in consideration of your health.

63 is the setting for unique Sri Lankan cuisine in Myanmar. Sri Lankan food is cooked in simmering coconut milk for a smooth vegan style of food preparation with added health benefits. The very specific 3/5 (thunapaha) blend of Sri Lankan spices provide a distinct ‘aroma-and-taste’ satisfaction for these delicacies found on the menu here

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